Ski pass - Geilo

Order your ski passes online and save both money and time.
The ski pass is valid for the whole Geilo area

Geilo ski pass price list 2021-2022

Ordinary prices
(10% discount online)
Adult 18+Youth 7-17/ Senior 65+
2 hoursHS 510,- / S 485,-HS 390,- / S 360,-
Afternoon (from 12.00)HS 520,- / S 505,-HS 405,- / S 390,-
1 dayHS 565,- / S 545,-HS 460,- / S 435,-
2 daysHS 1100,- /S 1055,-HS 905,- / S 835,-
3 daysHS 1615,- / S 1510,-HS 1260,-/ S 1180,-
4 daysHS 2005,- / S 1870,-HS 1605,- / S 1500,-
5 daysHS 2395,- / S 2285,-HS 1915,- / S 1785,-
6-8 daysHS 2660,- / S 2490,-HS 2110,- / S 1965,-
6-8 days parent pass –
can be shared between 2 adults
HS – / S –
Weekend (from Friday at 15.00 until Sunday closing)HS 995,- / S 930,-HS 750,- / S 700,-

Season pass GEILO – click here!


Local family season pass – click here!

HS = High seasonS = Season

If you buy a ski pass after 15.00, you are able to ski from that day including the following days you have bought.
Night skiing is included in all full day passes.

Children under 7 years old ski for free, but have to have a vailed Smartcard. If you don`t have a smartcard it coast NOK 50, can be reused.

Do you have a Smartcard?
Purchase your ski pass online and go direct to lift. Type in your Smartcard (WTP number) when ordering online.

Don`t you have a Smartcard?
Purchase your ski pass online and pick up in ski resort receptions or in a Pick up box. Choose “New Smartcard” when ordering online.

  • Subject to possible changes in price, due to increased government taxes.
  • All rates are in Norwegian Krone (NOK).
  • A ski pass is personal and can not be shared with others (except parent pass).
  • No refund is given for ski passes in the event of operational shut-downs due to circumstances that are not under the operatior’s control such as bad weather, power failures, technical defects etc.
  • In case of illness or injury, the owner of the pass shall be entitled to a refund for the time the ski pass cannot be used. On request, illness or injury shall be documented by means of a medical certificate. The ski pass shall be turned in as quickly as possible. A refund will only be given to those who are ill or injured. No refunds are given for the purchase of an hour pass, day pass or token pass.