19th of February - 7th of March 2021

Winter holiday activities for the whole family - check out our program!

TUESDAYS (23.Feb / 2. Mar)
Cross country Taster at 16.00-17.30
This mini course will give you an introduction to the basic technique in classic style.
NOK 395 per person incl. equipment. From 10 years old.

WEDNESDAYS  (24.Feb / 3.Mar)
Kids slalomrace and afterski at 14.00
Join for fun and exciting slalom race and afterski for kids. We start of with a slalom race and afterwards we play games, listen and dance to music and grill marshmallows over the open fire. The slalom race is held on a green and easy slope so everyone can participate. Everyone gets a medal after the ski race. NOK 150

Ski clinic – movements in alpine technique at 10.30 (only 3rd of March)

THURSDAYS (25.Feb/ 4.Mar)
Snowboard park session at Slaattaparken at 13.00-15.00
For youth 9 years and older. This course is suitable for those who can snowboard various terrain and would like to develop their riding and try out the snow park including rails, kickers, boxes and jumps together with our best snowboard instructor. NOK 355.

FRIDAYS (19.Feb/ 26.Feb/ 5. Mar)
Ski Adventure at 09.30-11.20
For children who can ski green/blue slopes and take the lifts by themselves. We explore the ski area through fun skiing and games, we find the best places to ski. You get the chance to meet the lift operators and visit the ski patrol. We also take a well-deserved bun and hot chocolate break at Slaatta Café. NOK 345

Carving Clinic sammen with a SkiCoach
19.Feb at 09.30-11.20 // 26.Feb at 11.00-12.50 // 5.Feb at 09.30-11.20
This carving clinic/ course is suitable for you who have quite a lot of skiing experience and are confident skiing various terrain.
Experience the feeling when the skis do the work and get the most out of your carving skis. We look into what movements we have to do to get the skis on edge and what we have to do to stay in balance throughout the whole turn. Talk about different technical aspects that will effect us when skiing. NOK 395

Family snowshoeing and tobogganing at 16.30-18.30
Join us on a family snowshoe trip with friends and family. We also bake bread on a stick over the campfire.
We will explore the forest around Slaatta and finish off with fun tobogganing.
Child 6-17 years NOK 370 // Adult from 18 yo NOK 470 // Family (2-3 children + 2 adults) NOK 1550

SATURDAYS (20.Feb / 27.Feb/ 6.Mar)
Ski clinic for women incl. lunch (full day) Only the 6th of March
For women who ski in varied terrain, feel safe with speed on blue and red runs. You want to get more enjoyment out of skiing. We look at important things in the ski technique that are crucial for further development to achieve a better and more joyful experience on skis. We are talking about the body´s positioning, balance and dynamic movements over the skis. We ski together all day (09.30-.15.30) and have a nice lunch together. NOK 695

Gate training for children at 11.00-12.50
A mini course for children who want to learn or get better at skiing a giant slalom course. Suitable for those who want to try for the first time and for those who already have some experience in gate training. The child has to be able to ski down all slopes with speed and ski with parallel skis. NOK 355 (Registration to booking@geiloskiskole.no)

Snowboard Taster at 14.00-15.20
Interested in snowboarding but not sure where to start? Get the taste and join our snowboard taster!
This course will let you get the first feel of snowboarding. It will give you an introduction to the basic moves including stance, balance and control. It takes place on our beginner slope and it’s ideal for adults and children who have never experienced snowboarding before. The instructor will be able to answer questions you may have about the equipment and technique. Equipment such as snowboard and boots are included in the price. NOK 395

SUNDAYS (21.Feb / 28.Feb/ 7.Mar)
Ski – and snowboard play at 09.40 / 11.00 (only 21.Feb and 7.Mar) 
Ski courses for children 4-10 years old and snowboard courses for children 7-11 years old. It is important that the child can to be away from mom and dad during the course period 1-1.5 hours. The course is adapted to all levels and starts at 9.40 or 11.00 (depending on level). NOK 125 per person. Registration by SMS to 932 99 405.

Snowpark ski session at 13.30-15.20 (only 21. feb and 28. feb)
Park session for children 8-12 years old. Learn how to ski in the snowpark, jump and use rails, boxes and kickers. The course is suitable for snowpark beginners who can ski in varied terrain. NOK 355

Book online or contact us at booking@geiloskiskole.no // +47 32 09 03 7013