Group ski course

Experience Snowsport!

Geilo Ski School instructors have the education, patience and the personality to get your child on the slopes and keep them smiling throughout your Geilo ski holiday,
gaining experience.  Your child will experience the thrill of the slopes, learning and starting a lifelong passion for mountain sports. “Learning by doing”
In our youth and adult groups we will focus more on technical terms and techniques but we still play and enjoy the social aspects of skiing.

With the safety in having an instructor you will find it easier to develop and feel safe doing something you thought was beyond your limits.
We offer group classes for everyone form 5 years of age and the groups are divided by age and skills.

Alpine group ski school  fr. 5 yr. * Monday – Thursday 80 min/day NOK 1035,-
Ski Adventure 5-14 yr. Fridays at 09.30-11.20 NOK 320,-
Cross Country beginner class fr. 12 yr. Monday – Wednesday NOK 1445,-

O N L I N E   B O O K I N G   G R O U P    S K I    S C H O O L

Ski Adventure
Fun and exciting skiing for children 5-14 years old, who can ski green/blue slopes and take the lifts themselves.
We explore the Geilo skiing area and find the best places to ski. You get the chance to meet the lift operators and visit the ski patrol.
We also take a well-deserved bun and hot chocolate break at Slaatta Stugu.

We reserves the right to place the students into other groups or offer an alternative product, when fewer than 4 students per group.

* For children age 2-4 years old we offer Kids private tuition, 40 min. This is because we belive this service will give a faster progression and a safer environment for learning.
1 pers NOK 475 per lesson and NOK 245 per ekstra child.

O R D E R    P R I V A T E    I N S T R U C T I O N

Ski pass is not included in the ski school price.