Are you ready for the ski season?

Join #proskicoach from Geilo Ski School and get your body ready for the ski season.

ProSkiCoach pre-season training

I’ve always loved to exercise but things change and the list of priorities looks a bit different today compared to 3 years ago before I had a son. In the past it was important for me to exercise every day, I even had to start the holiday beach days with a workout.
It was fantastic and I loved it – a routine that gave me lots of energy, joy and good self-esteem. Suddenly it was not my body and appearance that meant the most in life.

I was disappointed and sad that I was unable to complete the planned training scheduled. With some years of experience, a few other priorities and another view of quality of life I have now found my way to succeed in training – and I’d like to share this with you who are interested.

Every winter since 2004 I have been skiing 4-5 month. In order to succeed as a skier/ ski instructor it is of course important to take care of your body. Pre-season training is crucial. You get better flow, better stamina and skiing becomes easier technical and much more enjoyable. Not least, it can prevent injuries.

There are several things that can put an end to your workout. If it’s not lack of time or motivation, it’s something else. I think that if you have routines on your daily workouts you have a better foundation for success.
Join me on my daily training to get ready for the ski season. Every week I will put up a new exercise plan that you can easily add in to your daily routine yourself, just 7-10 minutes a day!
Even I start the day with a 7-10 min workout (Monday-Friday only) with two glasses of water, while still in my pj’s. After I enjoy a good breakfast with a good feeling in my body, then bike to work.

My 4 keys to success:

  • Easy access
  • Simple
  • Playful
  • Rewarding

=Functional body wight exercises

My type of training is not based on any approved studies or theories, but on my own experiences and practices from my 13 years as a ski instructor.


Week 5 – Pleasurable training
The Autumn has arrived in Geilo with all its beautiful colours. The first snow has settled on Hallingskarvet and it is not long now until the mountains are coated in snow.
Fall is a perfect season for outdoor exercise – breathe the cold and fresh air and enjoy the surroundings.

Make your workout more fun and playful through finding exercises similar to skiing. It may feel impossible the first time you do a new exercise, but do not be afraid to test something new. Smile instead and try again. Remember that it takes time for the brain and the body to learn new patterns of movements – practice makes perfect!

Tip! Do you usually brush your teeth with your right hand? Try brushing your teeth with your left hand this week and see what happens 😊

12 exercises a 30 sec, 10 sec pause between each exercise.

  1. Mountain climbing
  2. Backvards lunge
  3. Backwards kick
  4. Straight arm diagonal lift
  5. Side lunge
  6. Ab-twist
  7. Jumping Jacks
  8. One leg rotation/ Short turns
  9. Moguls skiing
  10. One leg hip lift
  11. Edging
  12. High knees running in place


Week 4 – Support muscles

Exercise does not necessarily mean high intensity and it is not only the big muscles that count.
We have important support muscles in the whole body, this is the inner muscles that give us control, stability and balance. This week we will focus on body posture throughout the training session. Lift the chest, pull your shoulders down and together, tighten your stomach and show a stable and strong back. Let each move be calm and controlled.

“Stability in terms of athletic performance is defined as the ability to control body positions and movements, through control of joints for optimal power transmissions.” -Olympiatoppen

Tip! Do you have a job where you sit all day? Set the alarm on your phone, every 60 minutes. Get up and take at least a few meters walk. When you sit down again,
– Take a deep breath and straighten your back. When you exhale, tighten your stomach and press your shoulders down and together. Have a small arch in your lower back and feel that the muscles along the spine is tightening. Stay in this position for at least a minute. Repeat as often as you can!

  1. Jumping Jack                                      30 jumps
  2. Body extension                                    15 on each
  3. Dobbel heel lift                                    30
  4. Plank                                                     count to 30
  5. Jumping Jack                                      30 jumps
  6. Shoulder press on jumping ball       30 reps
  7. Puch-ups 180                                       10 reps
  8. One leg curl                                          10 on each
  9. Jumping Jack                                      30 jumps
  10. Sideplank with rotation                     8 on each
  11. Back lift                                                 10 reps
  12. Lat pulldown                                        10 reps
  13. Jumping Jack                                      30 jumps


Week 3 – “just do it”

Sometimes I feel unmotivated and the feeling of uneasiness and lack of energy sneaks up on me. When I feel like this I ask myself the question; Will I feel better if I drop the training?

I know that I will be filled with more energy, pleasure and happiness if I fulfill my workout session. It might be heavier and I might not take as many repetitions as on an energy-rich day, but the important thing is that I’m doing it.

In situations when feeling unmotivated it can also be important to look over your energy leaks; what is the most important to me and what is it that gives me energy? I believe that physical activity generates energy, self-esteem and the feeling of goodness – “just do it”

11 exercises a 30 sec, 10 sec pause between each exercise.

  1. Running in place 30 sec
  2. Diamond Puch-ups 30 sec
  3. Knee dips 15/15 sec
  4. Back-lift 30 sec
  5. Ab-lift 30 sec
  6. Arm rotation 30 sec
  7. Lat Pulldown 30 sec
  8. Leg-lift 15/15 sec
  9. Arm press 30 sec
  10. Spider plank 30 sec
  11. Running in place 30 sec


Week 2 – What is your goal and how will you get there?

Are you ready for week 2?
If not, there is nothing wrong with starting your workout today with week 1, “Getting started is the way to success” 🙂

This week we will focus more on legs. The lower body is the part of the body that has the highest proportion of muscle mass.
As you exercise your legs and seat muscles, you also use your abdominal and back muscles to stabilize your body.
Also, use the week to think about what goals you have with your workout and how to reach them?
Be realistic, it is important that you don`t sett the goals to high at the start of your training. Achieving your goals gives a feeling of happiness and that is important for succeeding.

Tip! Do you have a staircase at work, use it for everyday training. Running up & down, walk/ jump 2 steps at a time or do some step-ups as you’re already on your way.

11 exercises a 40 sec, 10 sec pause between each exercise.

  1. Run-ups 40 sec
  2. Side planes with crunch 20 sec right + 20 sec left
  3. “Halling”-squats 40 sec
  4. One leg curl 20 sec right + 20 sec left
  5. Ab-twist 40 sec
  6. Pelvic lift 20 sec right + 20 sec left
  7. Mountain climbing 40 sec
  8. Lunge 20 sec right + 20 sec left
  9. Squat jumps 40 sec
  10. Flying squat in balance 20 sec right + 20 sec left
  11. Puch-ups 40 sec


Week 1 – Getting started is the way to success

This week we focus on starting up a routine, creating endorphins and feeling good.

Tip! If you can, bike to and from work – This will give you free exercise throughout the day and give you strong legs.

11 exercises a` 30 seconds
10 seconds rest in between the exercises

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Crabby-squats
  3. Body extension
  4. Frog jump on straight arms
  5. Halling-squats
  6. Dobbel heel lift
  7. Push up
  8. Flying squats in balance
  9. Biking-crunch
  10. Thigh lift
  11. Mountain climbing